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Welcome to the UKWebAd Antique Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Antique Books.

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ISBN 1405308818

"Antiques Price Guide 2006" is the fourth annual edition of DK's all-colour, all-new, specially photographed antiques price guides. With her 30 years' worth of experience, Judith Miller is the expert to advise readers on how to identify items accurately and get real value for money in the antiques world. Over 8,000 antiques are presented in a catalogue-style layout, with prices and sizes for each item, together with historical background notes and tips on latest market trends. In addition, you'll find special features on styles and techniques, plus profiles of designers and makers to help build up your knowledge of each subject. With each object displayed in full colour, the risk of any ambiguity in identifying a particular item is almost non-existent. Whether you want to identify and value antiques already in your possession or simply get an idea of what the market holds, Dorling Kindersley's "Antiques Price Guide 2006" will answer all your questions.

ISBN 140530880X

The bestselling all-new, all-colour price guide to help you identify and value your collectables quickly and easily. Clear and easy to use, and showcasing over 5,000 collectables, this is the surest route to getting real value for money. Judith Miller knows collectables.

ISBN 1851494987

This is the 34th Edition of this indispensable guide. The fact-filled book is in a large format and has colour throughout. The useful colour maps are easy to read and it contains all of the information, addresses, telephone numbers and speciality indices which have earned it the title 'bible of the antiques trade'. Every year the constant changes in the antiques trade are recorded and as a result the guide will be found in car glove compartments and on the reference shelves of enthusiasts and professionals both in this country and abroad. As a saver of time and wasted journeys the up-to-date edition is essential equipment for anyone connected with the world of antiques, be they buyer, seller or supplier of allied services. Information is easy to find. The guide is arranged by area: London is divided by postal districts while the rest of the country is split alphabetically into counties, then towns or villages. In-depth information about each shop includes not only the address, email address and telephone number, but also the date established, opening hours, type of stock and price range, details of location, where to park, name of proprietor and membership of trade associations. The guide also contains information on auctioneers, packers and shippers, a specialist dealers' index as well as a section on services to the antiques trade. Always reliable and unfailingly accurate, this is the ultimate guide.

ISBN 1845331745

ISBN 0500285403

As a dealer and professional tour guide, Kimberly Jayne Gray is an ideal escort around London - one of the world's richest sources of antiques. Finding dealers and other outlets with consistently interesting and high-quality items in this thriving city can be a challenge. This refreshingly accessible, wonderfully functional and superbly illustrated guide pinpoints the very essence of antiques-hunting: knowing where to go for those great buys. The London Antiques Guide offers an insider's perspective on London's best dealers and shops, with over 350 of London's essential antiques sources, and many of its best-kept secrets. The book is divided into seven sections, designed to help the reader survey London's antiques quarters by area and style. They contain information on all types of outlet - from shops and auction houses to fairs and markets. An extensive list of websites is woven into the text, and a full glossary of general trade terms and phrases appears at the end of the book, along with a quick price guide, two timelines and various tips and tricks of the trade.

ISBN 1851495029

Boxes are beguiling because they can have the double delight of an enticing exterior and the anticipation and satisfaction of a fully fitted interior. This comprehensive guide to the decoration, style, use and contents of all types of boxes from diverse cultures is the first book to cover both these aspects. The coverage of decoration and styles of boxes is remarkably complete and includes the traditional, the exotic and the eccentric. Folk art to Faberge, tea caddies to tinder boxes, medicine chests to music boxes, ditty to document, voting to vampire, painting, sewing and writing boxes are just some of the topics that are included. The result is a pictorial treat, the text lavishly illustrated with images of nearly 2,000 boxes. It should be a most valuable reference book for the dealer and collector alike.

ISBN 0709046111

A book which deals exclusively with the buying and selling of antique British clocks, revealing commercial knowledge acquired by the author over 25 years. The book shows how to distinguish between the genuine and the fake, the good and the mediocre, as well as looking at prices and where to buy.

ISBN 0883171759

ISBN 0007190476

This pocket-sized guide to identifying and interpreting metal and ceramic marks has been improved with the addition of the most recent hallmarks, along with details of the new hallmarking system. Do you attend car boot sales or browse in antique shops in search of bargains? Have you ever wished you knew more about grandma's silver spoon? Do you envy the experts' ability to identify and date old hand-me-downs? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Collins Gem Antique Marks is for you. Packed with thousands of clear illustrations, the book shows hallmarks on silver, gold and platinum, as well as those on Old Sheffield Plate, pewter, pottery and porcelain. Complete with a history of hallmarks and how to read them, Collins Gem Antique Marks is absolutely indispensable. The book provides: Full hallmarks for silver from London, Edinburgh, York, Norwich, Exeter, Dublin, Newcastle, Chester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Sheffield, along with maker's marks from these cities. Up-to-date hallmarks for gold and platinum. Old Sheffield plate marks, showing the variety of maker's marks. Pewter marks and a selection of pewter touch marks. Pottery and porcelain marks showing both letter and name marks, and symbol marks.

ISBN 0873496078

Book collecting began in the 15th century and has grown in popularity ever since. Now collectors can pore over more than 5,000 listings and check the value of their collection. Collectible books written in English are organized in 12 categories, including Americana, banned, fantasy, horror & science fiction, mystery, occult & paranormal and philosophy & religion. Each category begins with an explanation of which books and authors are collectible and why. An invaluable introduction discusses the world of book collecting, including detailed information on identifying first editions and grading books. This all-new reference and price guide is the most complete resource available. Prices are given in US dollars.

ISBN 0873494504

Clocks are among the most popular and useful antiques and this all new price guide provides a comprehensive reference to timepieces from the 17th century through the 20th. Over 300 crisp photographs highlight detailed descriptions of varied clocks produced over the centuries. Each clock listing includes accurate pricing information. Features a special 16-page colour section, as well as an informative introductory report on clock collecting basics, a glossary of terms, and a bibliography. With more than 1,400 entries, this compact guide is an invaluable aid to all collectors, dealers, and appraisers.

ISBN 0873492226

This reference provides jewellery collectors with detailed descriptions and reliable pricing for 3500 items dating from 1800 to the present day. The book is divided into three sections: fine antique; modern; and costume jewellery.

ISBN 1857039599

This is brilliant guide to the trade for everyone from the boot sale bargain hunter, to those who wish to earn their living full time from antiques. It has so much information, yet it is easily accessible on well laid out, medium print pages. There are no gratuitous space filling and grainy images which often spoil other guides. The paper is high quality, but not glossy. There are decent margins, and wide spaces between paragraph and sub-heading breaks. Why do I mention this? It makes reading and annotating a fatigue free pleasure. The information and insight into the trade is extremely valuable. I am learning so much, and it is already earning me more income. I would wholeheartedly recomend this book to all those who, like me, are addicted to the thrill of the bargain hunt, get high on the adrenaline surge at an auction, and get more pleasure from the £10 profit made on that find at the bottom of a box under the stall, than from a £1000 made on the stock market.

ISBN 1592004997

The exciting aspect of this eBay book is its ability to address the expansive needs and interests of those focused on antique and collectible buying and selling.

ISBN 1405311630

The insider's guide to identifying trash, treasure or tomorrow's antiques. From ceramics to sports memorabilia, find a contemporary treasure as you rummage in your attic or at the car boot sale. International expert Judith Miller tells you everything you need to know about buying, keeping or selling to make a profit.

ISBN 1840002670

Ceramics are attractive, easily displayed, often affordable and consequently popular items to collect. Pieces that have survived daily use for years are now sought after by collectors. This book covers a range of pottery and porcelain objects and provices a practical reference work for new enthusiasts as well as the experienced collectors in this field. It includes more than 4000 examples of pottery and porcelain from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century are illustrated and described, each with an up-to-date value. Special features include Clarice Cliff, pot lids, Wemyss, blue and white ware, Mason's Ironstone, Goss and Crested China, fairings and commemorative ware. There is also a special feature on American ceramics. Within each section, items are divided by type of ware (eg cups, plates etc), with information boxes containing guidance on collecting, what to be aware of when starting a collection, hints on how to avoid making expensive mistakes, and the history of many factories. A Directory of Specialists gives guidance on restorers and details of collectors' clubs are listed.

ISBN 1857325435

Gives all the advice needed to build up a collection of books. The guide covers key collecting areas from modern first editions to cookery, natural history to sport, illustrated books to architecture. It contains information of binding techniques and restoration and a glossary of specialist terms.

ISBN 1840000538

This guide contains all the essential information needed by a budding furniture collector, showing how to identify styles as well as individual pieces, how to avoid fakes and how to spot a bargain. It includes chapters on all major types of readily-affordable furniture, a special section on 20th-century pieces, advice on buying from a variety of sources, tips on care, restoration and insurance, and useful listings of auction houses, antiques centres and major antiques events.

ISBN 0754806626

Starting with the basics, this manual offers a course on repairing and restoring all types of furniture, from raising a dent to turning a chair leg. It includes an easy-to-use guide to identifying and dating your furniture as well as a directory of the tools, materials and equipment necessary to restore furniture yourself. Skills covered include turning, carving, upholstery, marbling, gilding, marquetry and parquetry. Each of the four chapters ends with one or two projects that encompass many of the techniques described in that chapter and each stage of restoration is shown in step-by-step format, from assessment of the damage to final polishing.

ISBN 0722321023

ISBN 184000696X

This updated guide lists furniture arranged by type and use - tables, seating furniture, desks and so on - and each section contains fact boxes with practical information on individual items and guidance on changing design features during the period. There is an illustrated key to recognizing different woods, from native varieties such a pine, sycamore and birch to imported species such as mahogany, kingwood and tulipwood. Special features include children's furniture; details and decoration of furniture; and how to care for your furniture, with tips on how to restore damaged and discoloured wood. There is also a directory of specialists and a glossary of terms.

ISBN 1857325842

This book was given to me by a lady who advised me on matters of style and taste when I first started as a runner in low grade scrap, yet was always fascinated by the seeming discrepancy between the value of an item in it's component parts (usualy nil) and it's value as an object in the whole (often a three or even four figure sum). Whilst I would freely admit that Judith Millers little paperback is not the key to riches, it contains so many clues and helpful information that I have now read it and re read it over 100 times. Some of it is hard commercial fact (a good thing) some of it is simple homespun truth (a nice thing).Except for one page on percentage profit calculations, where it wobbles a bit I can say without fear of contradiction that I now work full time in the antiques and collectables market, enjoy my work no end, have made some very secure friends and business relationship principly by following the advice and information in this charming little book. Providing you like hard work, long hours and a fair amount of risk, then this is the business for you and this is the book that will tell you why.

ISBN 1857326156

I am an avid pottery and porcelain collector and have found this book very informative and easy to understand. I use it regularly to validate potters marks and symbols when I visit antiques fairs. It is not a chunky book so it is portable, and the marks are simply catalogued so that you can look them up quickly. An excellent reference book.

ISBN 1903845009

This book is superb - not only does it cover many techniques, but has several practical projects that show exactly what can be done, and the steps to achieve the very best results. It covers what to buy and what NOT to buy, furniture repair, veneering, gilding, upholstery, matching ironmongery and even how to mould your own matching drawer handles! It covers what materials to use and where to get them (in UK), restoring wood, metal, leather, antique and modern furniture, expensive and cheap(er) pieces. If I had to use one book alone, it would be this! Whenever I read or browse it I get inspiration for yet another project.

ISBN 0714829544

This is a standard reference work, incorporating a general historical background, methods of map making, practical advice on collecting old maps and a list of the major map makers. Organized country by country, it refers to over 600 cartographers active between 1450 and 1850.

ISBN 1851494529

This book is a valuable starting point for enthusiasts. It tells you where to hunt for bargains and how to add rarities to a growing collection. An important section offers tips on what is available within any price range. It is filled with invaluable advice. How do you spot repairs or re-polishing? How can you avoid the proliferation of fakes while you learn to distinguish fine glass from ordinary? John Sandon's sensible guidance will prevent many costly mistakes. This book tells the whole story of glass, from its discovery in ancient Egypt right through to the fascinating world of the twentieth century and post-war design. The text is concise, informative and above all readable, written in the accessible style that makes John Sandon's book so popular. His carefully chosen illustrations, all in colour, provide stunning contrasts between fine old Venetian and Art Nouveau masterpieces and quite ordinary decanters and Victorian moulded bottles. Alongside costly rarities, one of the strengths of this book is the inclusion of inexpensive novelty glass anyone can find easily and cheaply. This book is aimed at the beginner on a modest budget as well as at established collectors.

ISBN 1851494073

Why is Faberge unique? What is champleve enamel? Why should emeralds be regarded with suspicion? Which jewels contain miniature coffins? Starting to Collect Antique Jewellery tracks the progress of jewellery designs from early times to the twentieth-century, assisting the professional jeweller, the collector and the student in making informed and balanced judgments upon scores of crucial topics - from the setting of old gems, to fakes and forgeries. This book is superbly illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs provided by auction houses, dealers, leading shops and private collectors. From Castellani to Cartier, from hair combs to cameos, Starting to Collect Antique Jewellery represents a key companion which is relevant, readable and comprehensively informative.

ISBN 1851494502


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